First Aid Course for Driving License

First Aid Course Cologne

  • First Aid Course for Driving License
  • First Aid Course in English in Cologne
  • Free Eye Test after the Class (seperate location)
  • No refunds

English First aid course in Cologne

You’re looking for an English-language first aid training. We provide one for you. The course is conveniently located in Cologne. After you complete the first-aid training, we also provide a free eye exam at a different site.

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First Aid Course

For anyone interested in obtaining their German driving license in Cologne, we provide a first-aid course in English. Everything you need to know about giving basic first aid will be covered in this course, which is being taught by qualified experts who speak English fluently. This course will give you the assurance you need to manage any emergency situation, regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or you just want to brush up on your skills. Therefore, enroll right now to receive the training required for a license and to be ready for anything the road may throw at you.

First Aid Courses for Driving License

Before submitting a driving license application, first aid training is necessary. The first aid instruction we provide in Cologne is appropriate for all license levels. The teachers, who have extensive backgrounds in the emergency services, make sure that students are well-versed in all facets of lifesaving and that there is no chance that they will become bored while receiving on-site first aid training. When competent teachers properly explain pre-clinical support in disasters, participants learn to save lives in a pleasant and inviting setting.

English First Aid Course

To obtain a German driving license, you are legally required to complete our first aid course. So if you’re ready to earn your driver’s license, enroll with us today and we’ll help you be on the road in no time. Our friendly and skilled instructor will.

First Aid Training for Driving License

The German driving license requires the first aid certification, which is perpetually valid. Book your English First Aid Course with us today!

Easy online payment is required to reserve your seat after registering for the first aid training. The course is taught in English by a qualified instructor. You only need to bring a valid form of identification (passport or identity card) with you.

The first aid classes are broken into nine chapters, each lasting 45 minutes, make up the first aid courses. The class usually runs from 9 am to 5 pm.

A free eye test is included in the course price of 79 euros.

It is encouraged that you update your first aid certification every two years even if it is valid for life. Additionally, make sure the first aid supplies in your car are regularly renewed (check the expiration date).

What should I bring to the first aid course?

Biometric passport photos

First Aid Course for Driving License

Course duration:

9 Chapters (45 minutes each).

Course content


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First Aid Course Cologne​

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